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Take action for maternal health

Bring simple yet life saving interventions to new and expectant mothers in developing countries.  

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    Though we live in a world of great medical advances, there are still thousands of women around the world who die daily from childbirth and resulting complications.

    Motherkind is Muslim Hands' Maternal Health Campaign, and aims to respond to the causes of maternal death in some of the most high-risk countries around the world, with a variety of simple life-saving interventions.

    Working in a number of hot spot countries, Motherkind is providing maternal health provisions to new and expectant mothers, equipping them to have safe and healthy deliveries with ongoing support.

    Motherkind's services such as prenatal care, skilled birth attendents, proper hygiene, counselling about postnatal care and new born health, benefits the most vulnerable women enabling them to take care of themselves and their babies.

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    Motherkind around the world

    Motherkind is our commitment to protecting mothers and children at their most critical time. Muslim Hands has taken the campaign to some of the most vulnerable communities across Sudan, Indonesia, Kashmir, Niger and China.

    The forgotten mothers of Afghanistan

    For the average woman in Afghanistan, the biggest threat to life is giving birth as she faces the prospect of motherhood in a country where 1 in 11 women die in childbirth.

    MH Afghanistan built a custom Maternal Health Clinic to deliver prenatal, postnatal and antenatal care to expectant mothers.

    Since opening its doors in 2011 approximately 2,000 expectant mothers each month have benefitted from a variety of healthcare professionals.

    By providing midwives, nurses, birth attendants and an ultrasound doctor, women have a safer delivery and the basic essentials to see their child through their early and most vulnerable weeks.  
    In January 2012 the clinic welcomed its first delivery, a beautiful baby girl, alhamdulillah.

    Read our blog post on the clinic's first delivery here: Kabuls Motherkind Clinic welcomes its first arrival

    Educating women in Niger

    In a country with shocking levels of maternal death, midwives are precious in Niger.
    MH Niger provided urgently needed subsidies to five midwives who would have otherwise not been able to complete their essential three year study progamme at their medical college.

    They are now completing their midwife training - and will work at government-based medical clinics in rural areas throughout the country.

    Reducing baby death in rural Sri Lanka 

    In countries like Sri Lanka, many women are left vulnerable as social taboos prevent them seekeing treatment for routine conditions associated with pregnancy. 

    With experience in infant mortality reduction in Afghanistan, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh, MH Sri Lanka set up a 'Well Mother Clinic' in order to provide quality maternity and postnatal care for women who would otherwise not be able to afford treatment. 

    The clinic offers qualified obstetricians and gynaecologists to examine and perform regular checkups for expectant mothers. 

    The clinic has staff to advise women on the nutritional levels they need to maintain during pregnancy. Counselling is also offered to new mothers suffering from conditions like postnatal depression. 

    Now mothers and children can look forward to healthy futures, insha'Allah. 

    Read how the clinic has helped expectant mother, Hifla, here: Giving birth on malaria lane.

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    Be Motherkind

    Of course, there are a million reasons to be Motherkind.

    The Quran eloquently says:

    ...and we have enjoined unto man kindness to his parents. In pain did his mother bear him and in pain did she give him birth... (Surah Al Ahqaf:15)

    You can support Motherkind and help expectant mothers benefit from life-saving interventions, such as prenatal care, skilled birth attendants and proper hygiene.

    Motherkind aims to reduce the majority of maternal death in developing countries with simple and routine interventions. Up to 80% of women who die today can be saved with effective and timely assistance, insha'Allah. 
    With Motherkind, we pledge to take action for maternal health.
    And, that is why we are asking you to be Motherkind.

Your donations can help to:

  • Save babies - £80

    by sending clothing, vitamins, nutritional supplements and medicine.

  • Save mothers - £160

    by providing essential nutrition, vitamins, medicine and medical supplies.

  • Train midwives - £275

    who will be able to save the lives of scores of expectant mothers and their new born babies.

In pictures

Look through some photos of the Motherkind Clinic in action.