Gaza Crisis

Post-ceasefire: Moving Gaza forward

With a ceasefire in place our attention turns to repairing Gaza to help it move forward. The Muslim Hands office in Gaza reports that the following items are in urgent need. Let us work together to repair the lives of Gazans.

Restoring livelihoods

44% of Gazans are food insecure and about 80% are aid recipients (UN OCHA, June, 2012). Help poor Gazan families to secure permanent work and get back on their own feet with our agricultural programmes. 

Donate: Agricultural livelihood for a poor Gazan family for an entire year -£2,200

Let children be children

73% of Gaza's children suffer from psychological and behavioural disorders. Make it possible for Gaza's children to receive the psychosocial care and medical check-ups they require to rebuild their childhoods. 

Donate: Psychosocial support for Gazan children -£1,000

Treating the injured

Inundated with injured people, hospitals are facing critical shortages of drugs and disposables. Muslim Hands is providing urgent medical supplies to hospitals across Gaza to provide effective treatment to patients.

Donate: Medical equipment and medicines -£250

Giving babies essential nutrients

60% of mothers and children are malnourished. Baby milk powder will provide the essential nutritional needs for babies healthy growth.

Donate: 12 weeks worth of baby milk powder -£120

Military assault on Gaza

The eight day military offensive on Gaza has left the already impoverished Gazans in a humanitarian crisis.

Dr Saeed Saleh, Programme Manager, at the MH office in Gaza said:

"The airstrikes have left over 1,000 men, women and children injured, hundreds of homes damaged, and infrastructure destroyed."

"The Muslim Hands Gaza office is already responding to the emergency situation - Gaza needs urgent help moving forward."

Muslim Hands has launched an urgent appeal for funds to help repair the lives of those affected.

Muslim Hands in Gaza

Few of us will be able to forget the images of destruction in Gaza which came flooding onto our television screens in 2009.

Working through our permanent field office in Gaza City Muslim Hands began work immediately providing medical equipment, food and winter blankets for affected Palestinians seeking shelter in schools and hospitals throughout Gaza. Muslim Hands continued to work tirelessly to help the people of Gaza.

Let's again continue to offer our support through your generous donations, thoughts and duas.

In pictures

Look through some photos of the emergency response by MH during the Gaza crisis in 2009.