The Syria Crisis

Items urgently needed

Help Syrians by donating one of the following items:

Bread Factory, 1 Day: Help us run the bread factory for a day to supply 6,000 loaves of fresh bread. We urgently need to keep the bread factory running for another 12 months insha'Allah.

Donate: Bread factory (1 day) - (£380)

Water Tanker Delivery, 1 Day: Provide a delivery of water, enough to give 100 people safe water. We want to run such deliveries everyday for the next 12 months insha'Allah.

Donate: Water tanker delivery (1 day) - (£310)

Family Food Parcel: Help displaced families receive essential food items and nutrients for an entire month. MH Family Food Parcels contain essential dietary items such as cooking oil, rice, sugar, tea, canned fish and lentil etc. and hygiene products. 

Donate: One month's Family Food Parcel - (£75)

Water Filter for a Family: A water filter provides one family the ability to purify the water they may have collected from an open source, such as broken pipes, rivers, etc.

Donate: Water filter for a family - (£55)

Update: February 2015

The crisis situation

The humanitarian crisis in Syria continues to escalate. Millions of ordinary Syrians have lost their homes and livelihoods through the civil unrest taking place in the country. 

More than 800,000 women, children and families have been forced to flee their homes and cross into several of the refugee camps in neighbouring Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, where access to everyday supplies of food and essential living is severely restricted.

Muslim Hands is working tirelessly to help those affected. Please support our urgent appeal for funds.


What Muslim Hands is doing

Almost four million Syrians are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance inside Syria.

Committed to assisting people caught up in conflict Muslim Hands is increasing its emergency relief efforts to meet the basic needs of Syrians inside the country.

Muslim Hands is distributing emergency relief packs to hundreds of internally displaced families living in refugee camps. 

After a delivery of five tonnes of flour to a local bakery, more than 5,000 internally displaced Syrians have also received bread to feed them and their families.

Read more about our work:  Inside Syria: Eyewitness Account.

On the borders

Since the onset of the crisis, Muslim Hands has been responding to the needs of thousands of displaced Syrians temporarily seeking refuge at the Turkish and Lebanon border.

Turkish Border


Helping to ease a desperate situation, Muslim Hands has distributed essential food, water, clothing, medicine and other living essentials to hundreds of displaced families living in the refugee camps.



Muslim Hands has also assisted Syrian families hosted by some of the local residents of Antakya, by distributing basic necessities and offering a counselling service to help support vulnerable women and children.

Lebanon Border


Muslim Hands distributed family food parcels to more than 200 Syrian refugee families settling in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

1,200 women and children also received hygiene kits containing everyday essentials.

Bekaa Valley


The MH team have set up a medical service to support and treat wounded refugees after surgery in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. More than 200 Syrian families have already benefitted from treatment, medication and healthcare advice.

Saida City


During Eid 1,200 Syrian refugee children received Eid gifts in Saida City and the surrounding areas on the Lebanon border. 

Why we need your support

Muslim Hands is scaling up its response and more funds are needed to ensure we can carry on helping Syrians in this deepening crisis.

Your donations will continue to provide food, clothing, medicine and hygiene kits to desperate families and individuals.

Please continue to help those in need.

In pictures:

Look through some photos of our emergency relief work inside Syria and on the Turkish and Lebanon borders.