Mali Emergency Appeal

As the humanitarian situation in Mali continues to deteriorate, thousands of ordinary Malians have lost their homes and livelihoods.

Muslim Hands is working to help those affected and has launched an urgent appeal for funds.

The humanitarian situation

20,000 people have fled Mali alone to escape the conflict thereby increasing the refugee count in Niger, Mauritania and Burkina Faso to 53,000

Muslim Hands in Mali

Since the onset of the crisis, the MH Mali team has been working relentlessly on the ground to distribute food, mosquito nets and blankets to internally displaced Malians amongst sporadic makeshift camps in the Bamako and Sikasso regions.

From the MH Mali office, Country Manager Sarjo Jammeh said:

The displaced people of the Mali crisis are in dire need of urgent help. They lack enough food, safe clean water, medicines, mosquito nets and adequate shelter. Their children are vulnerable to the spread of acute chronic malaria, malnutrition which is resulting in high infant mortalities, especially within the makeshift camps." 

Helping to ease a desperate situation, the MH Mali team has distributed food, mosquito nets, safe water and clothes to over 800 displaced men, women and children living in refugee camps. Alongside this the MH Niger team is distributing essential non-food items and tents to Malian refugees living in and around the Mangayze Camp, Niger.

From the MH Niger office, Assistant Manager Abu Bakar said:

The Mangayze Camp located 160 km from Niamey in Niger is inhabited with 6,000 Malian refugees. They need to be supported." 

Muslim Hands is scaling up the work to meet the basic needs of ordinary Malians fleeing the conflict.

Your donations will continue to provide food, clothing, mosquito nets and safe water.  

Please continue to support needy Malians through your  duas and generous donations.

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