Orphan Care

For just £27 a month, you can help provide care and education to an orphan child. Learn more about our scheme below and the difference your sponsorship can make to an orphan child.

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Orphan Sponsorship

The scheme at a glance...


Every orphan child is provided with an education, including books and uniform, free of charge. Children who attend custom-built MH schools benefit from high quality teaching and classroom facilities as a result of a tailor-made curriculum.

Wherever possible, the children are given a nutritious school meal, which helps them to maintain concentration and get the best out of their school day.


Orphan children typically live with their mother (if she is still alive) or a close relative as that provides the most secure and nurturing environment. MH orphan workers are in regular contact with the guardian to ensure all of their needs and concerns are addressed.

Many of the children also benefit from a free bus service, available at some MH schools, that provides safe passage to and from school.


To ensure optimal health and wellbeing, the orphan children receive routine vaccinations that protect them from serious illness.

The children are also assigned a welfare nurse who monitors progress by measuring their height, weight and dental care. This helps ensure children are able to focus in class, stay on top of their studies and reduces absences from school due to sickness.


Once you sponsor an orphan child, we will send you an information pack containing the details of the child you are supporting.

We also provide an annual update of how your sponsored orphan is getting along, which includes a school report on the child's subjects and exam results, some information about their interests and aspirations, and notification of any other changes.

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