As-Safa Primary School Reborn

A 100% pass rate at As-Safa School in Sudan

Orphan children achieve a 100% pass rate in MH School of Excellence, Sudan

We are all familiar with the stresses of waiting for exam results, and were reminded when MH Sudan country manager- Ismail Abdullah- eagerly called to report the phenomenal achievement of our orphan students at the MH School of Excellence in Khartoum, Sudan.

Under the care of enthusiastic teachers, our students concluded a spectacular academic year by gaining a 100% pass rate in their final exams.

What makes this news especially important is that almost every student at our School of Excellence in Sudan is an orphan and with the harsh realities of poverty, few of them would have ever had a chance to attend school at all.

Results like these demonstrate, more than anything else, the huge untapped potential these children have to offer when given the opportunity.

Ismail Abdullah, Sudan Country Manager said:

"This feels like the beautiful harvest of seeds planted back when our orphan school first opened its doors.

"We always wanted to give the students self-belief and hope they can achieve whatever they focus on- and this is the wonderful payback for that today.

"The feeling of joy in the air is amazing , especially for the proud carers of these students who see that the children are doing even better than other children in close-by private schools!"

Children at the school sat their 'basic certification exams'- the same exams children in state schools around the country sit- under the supervision of external examiners.

All the children achieved a record score by making it to the highest level possible, alhamdulillah! 

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