School girls enjoying an aqiqah meal in Sudan

Order your child's aqiqah

Aqiqah for a boy - (£110)
Aqiqah for a girl - (£55)
Aqiqah pack for a boy - (£130)
Aqiqah pack for a girl - (£75)

What is an aqiqah?

To offer the aqiqah or sacrifice for a newborn child is the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

For the child there should be aqiqah, on behalf of the child make sacrifice and remove the hair. (Hadith)

An aqiqah involves the sacrifice of two animals for a boy and one for a girl, with a portion of the meat to be distributed to the poor and needy.

It can be offered at any point after a child's birth, but it is recommended to perform it within the first week (and ideally on the seventh day).

The recommended sunnah is for parents to also give sadaqa of equal value to the weight in silver of their baby's hair (when it is shaved on the seventh day after birth).

We recommend you order your aqiqah as soon as possible after the birth of your child.

The 'Aqiqah Pack'

With Muslim Hands you have the option of purchasing an aqiqah pack, which alongside the sacrifice also includes: 

  • The value equal to the weight in silver of your child's hair distributed to the needy as sadaqa*
  • An official aqiqah certificate for your records
  • Feedback photos of the aqiqah animal
  • A recommended book on parenting in Islam
* £10 is given in sadaqa. At the market price of silver this easily covers the required value.