Special Programmes

Our dedicated Special Programmes team includes qualifed architects, civil engineers and project managers who will work closely with you at every stage. (Special Programmes Manager, Yasrab Shah)

The Special Programmes team at Muslim Hands is dedicated to turning your ideas into sadaqa jariyah projects.

Whether you want to build a school, water well, hospital, orphanage or any other project, our team of experts are devoted to ensuring your project is completed according to your plans, on time and within budget.

Special Programmes projects are not only hassle free, but are often the most effective and secure way of carrying out your very own charitable project, either individually or together with friends or your organisation. 

Projects are simply carried out on your behalf by Muslim Hands.

How it works

Special Programmes projects are essentially of two types:

  • You can develop your own idea and utilise Muslim Hands' skills and expertise to deliver the project 
  • You can donate towards a larger commitment project which other donors are also contributing towards

In both cases the project is yours, with Muslim Hands simply ensuring the successful completion of the project.

Shortly after the completion of your project, you will receive a personal feedback report with the details of your project and the people helped.

Fundraising support

Our fundraising support includes providing you with quality images, videos and reports from the field, so that they can be utilised by you to continue fundraising effectively for your project.

Some examples

Muslim Hands has carried out various types of projects, ranging from purpose built schools to water wells serving whole communities and accommodation for orphans.

Read about some of the donor projects carried out by Muslim Hands below:



Education is a doorway out of poverty. Whether it's building children's schools in some of the most isolated communities, or providing literacy and job-skills training for adults.

Helping to provide education is not only providing a passport to a brighter future for poor and needy children, but an excellent example of a sadaqa jariyah project.

School of Excellence for Bangladesh

Read how a generous donor has embarked on funding the land and construction of Two New Schools for Bangladesh.

Classrooms for orphaned children in Pakistan

Always holding firm to the importance of education, our donor Dr Mukhtar Sahgal decided to take the initiative and fund four classrooms for orphaned and impoverished children.

Read more about Dr Sahgal's project here: Wanting to Make a Difference.

Welcome to the Halimah School of Excellence

In 2009, one of our IMP donor groups The Halimah Trust, teamed up with us to construct a secondary school for orphan and needy girls in Wazirabad, Pakistan. 

The Halimah School of Excellence was officially inaugurated in 2011, alhamdulillah.

Read about this inspiring journey of dedication, commitment and a vision for girls' education here: Building Hope out of Tragedy.



Helping to provide food to the poor and needy is a great charitable act.

From providing short-term emergency relief following a famine to setting up long-term food projects to keeping communities self-sufficient for generations to come.

Fast-a-thon: Mali & Niger famine relief

HSBC Islamic Society raised over £20,000 for family food parcels, which provided a month's supply of essential food stuffs for an average family of six.

They raised this amazing donation by doing a fast-a-thon where they encouraged their non-Muslim work colleagues to fast one whole day with them during Ramadan.

The money they saved on lunches was used instead as a donation for this noble project.



During a natural disaster or crisis many people lose everything that they have from livestock and homes to personal possessions.

A livelihoods project is an opportunity for a donor to help support a family get back on their feet with dignity.

145 Homes in Time for Eid

The Imran Khan Foundation in Pakistan donated 30 million Pakistani Rupees to reconstruct houses for the flood victims in Pakistan.

Read more about this Special Programmes project here: 145 Homes in time for Eid.



A masjid is symbolically very important to Muslims. It constitutes the hub of the local Muslim community. The word masjid literally means 'a place of prostration'. 

It provides a place for its worshippers to pray and contemplate in a humble way to Allah. 

The role of the masajids is to help people learn more about Islam and to nurture their moral and spiritual development. 

Renovating the blessed Masjid Al-Aqsa

We were blessed to be able to give our donors the opportunity to help fund much needed renovation at the blessed Masjid Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. 

Over 500 Special Programmes donors availed this rare opportunity to raise over £180,000. 

Donations were used for installing a new PA system, replacing paving stones and renovating wudhu areas and toilets. 



It is much too easy to forget how vital good health is for communities to be able to prosper.

Providing healthcare can often save a life and even a community's future.

A wave of relief for flood victims in Punjab

Following a natural disaster, few survivors are lucky enough to access affordable and reliable medical care.

Read how Dr Abdul Aziz helped to provide A Wave of Relief in Punjab.



One of the most pressing challenges facing the world today is access to clean drinking water.

Over a billion people each day are forced to drink dirty water and put themselves at risk of contracting a multitude of life threatening illnesses.

That is why providing safe water is an excellent example of a sadaqa jariyah project.

Tube wells last over a decade, and Dig-a-Wells can last for generations, serving countless thousands of people with fresh, clean drinking water.

Safe water for drought-stricken Niger

When Mr and Mrs Batmaz from Leicester saw the scenes of the Niger drought and famine in 2010, they decided they had to do something to contribute towards helping victims.

Read about how they provided Wells for Drought-Stricken Niger.

A slice of security amongst the chaos

Like so many of us who witnessed the heart-wrenching scenes of devastation following the floods in Pakistan, United Huddersfield, a community group in Yorkshire (UK), sprang into action.

Read about their fundraising drive here: A Collective Effort to Provide Safe Water.

In pictures

A brief overview of the impact that Special Programmes projects have had in bringing hope and opportunity to thousands of lives around the world, alhamdulillah.

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