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25 June 2015

Ramadan Food Parcels in Sudan

By Tijen Horoz, Senior Communications Editor
Ramadan Food Parcels in Sudan
Every year Muslim Hands delivers Ramadan food parcels to families in need all over the world. With the blessed month well under way, teams in Sudan are busy delivering vital food supplies to families like Aisha Ali’s.
Aisha Ali is a one in a million aunt. As well as looking after her own children, she also cares for her five nieces and nephews who lost their mother in 2010, followed only a year later by their father.
Her nephew Mohammad is sponsored by a Muslim Hands donor, which means that he receives a quality education, daily nutritious meals and medical check-ups at the Omdurman School of Excellence. This is a relief to his aunt as school fees in Omdurman are beyond her means, as they are of many Sudanese families.
However, life can still be very tough. Aisha does not have a regular income and the house they share is too small for them. As well as receiving continuing support for her nephew, every Ramadan and Eid, Aisha receives food parcels from Muslim Hands.
These include essentials like beans, flour and sugar. ‘These parcels help us so much’, Aisha tells the Muslim Hands community worker who is visiting the family. Taking some onions from the package, she begins chopping them up in preparation for Iftar. The children rummage around to see what else is in the box.

As the community worker bids her goodbye, Aisha smiles. 'May Allah protect Muslim Hands and accept this from the kind donors who are waiting for Allah to reward them. May Allah give them more reward as today when they called me to come to receive the food parcel, I could not help my tears. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen’.

In countries like the UK it is easy to take for granted the everyday essentials we need to provide iftar and suhoor for ourselves and our families.

If you would like to give a family in need the security of knowing they have all that they need to sustain themselves during this most blessed of months, please follow the links below.

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