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04 December 2015

Mosque in the City

Tijen Horoz
Mosque in the City

In partnership with the Council for Mosques, Muslim Hands will be showcasing the findings of George Sheeran’s new book ‘The Mosque in the City’. The book charts the history of mosques in Bradford and their impact on the landscape, if anything, a look at the geographical and structural beauty of the mosques as well as their diversity.

MH want to celebrate the positive impact, growth and contributions which mosques have made to the people of Bradford and her landscape. It's an ideal opportunity to showcase the good in our community, by highlighting the beauty and significant role the mosque plays in the lives of Muslims in Bradford. It is especially fitting as George, who is a professor at Bradford University, has written this complimentary piece from outside of the Muslim community.

Here's a short excerpt from the book:

“As a relative newcomer to Bradford, I have been struck by the sheer number and variety of mosques across the city. They speak of the city’s Muslim citizens, united as part of a global faith and yet having developed over the last twenty or thirty years a rich variety of ethnic, geographical, theological and cultural expressions.”

The Rt Revd Dr Toby Howarth
Bishop of Bradford

To attend the event on the 9th of December, please email or

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