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02 June 2016

How You Made a Difference to Nepal Earthquake Victims

Muslim Hands
How You Made a Difference to Nepal Earthquake Victims

Over the past year, your support has made a long lasting impression in the lives of so many in need. In these web posts we explore how donations like yours have changed the lives of victims of poverty, conflicts and natural disasters.

In 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, killing over 8,000 people – the largest death toll to hit Nepal in the last 80 years. The effect of the earthquake was so powerful, it demolished over half a million homes, leaving the victims with no shelter, food or medical care.

The Muslim Hands team responded immediately by reaching those most affected with emergency distributions including food, water and everyday essentials such as toothpaste. In places such as Donga Bhim, a small isolated town close to Kathmandu, approximately 600 houses were damaged and 240 had completely collapsed. Initially, it was difficult for our team to reach these hilly areas due to landslides and a lack of proper roads. Once volunteers and aid workers did manage to reach the top of the mountain, they found desperate villagers waiting for relief items.

The recipients were overjoyed to receive help from our donors, and because of the rapid response of MH field staff, the risk of malnutrition and disease was greatly reduced. Most importantly, your donation helped devastated families to recover from the tragedy and begin rebuilding their lives.

Click here to watch our earthquake response video. 


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