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18 May 2017

Feed the Needy This Ramadan

Muslim Hands

Ramadan is fast approaching and as we start preparing for this holy month and the blessings it brings, let's remember the millions of poor and needy across the globe. When we fast, we’re in fact remembering those who are malnourished or even have nothing at all to eat on a daily basis. Whilst levels of hunger have decreased across the globe over the last year ten years, an estimated 795 million people worldwide are malnourished.* 

Here at Muslim Hands we’re committed to fighting food poverty and supporting individuals, families and communities in need. As well as providing food aid throughout the year, we make sure that deprived families in Ramadan have the food they need in Ramadan to help combat poverty and nutritional deficiency.

Read about how your donations have been supporting locals in Kashmir suffering from food poverty.

Case study

During Ramadan, orphans, widows and needy people without any source of income struggle to buy the food they need. To help alleviate this problem, the Muslim Hands office in Mirpur, Kashmir, distributes a comprehensive Ramadan nutritional package to orphans, widows, elderly and the needy.

Salamat Ali is 74 years old and lives in Khalilabad with his wife and five children. Despite his old age, he has no choice but to work to support his family. As a labourer, and the only bread winner of the family of seven, he cannot afford to feed his family for the whole month of Ramadan. Muslim Hands and its donors are the only hope Salamat and people like him have to provide their families with adequate nutrition.

When Muslim Hands met Salamat, he had been sick for the previous few months and was unable to fulfil his family’s needs. What’s more, due to the extreme heat in summer, he could not find work during Ramadan. Salamat heard about Muslim Hands Ramadan Package distribution and decided to visit the team.

Looking at the long queue of people waiting for their turn, he seemed quite upset, thinking that he wouldn’t be able to bring a Ramadan package home for his family. Alhamdulillah, we were able to provide Salamat with a food pack containing rice, flour, chick peas, sugar, tea and other essential items to ensure that they remained food-secure during the month of Ramadan. Salamat expressed joyfully his happiness at the assistance he received:

'This food package will be enough for me and my family during Ramadan, insha’Allah! I am very happy and relieved that I’ll not have to worry about our meals and will be able to concentrate on prayers.'

Thank you for your support. Please remember families like Salamat's this Ramadan and the millions of other people across the globe who do not have enough to eat. Through your generous support, we can relieve their worries during the holy month of Ramadan insha’Allah.

Statistics: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2015)


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