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17 May 2017

Thank You for Helping Me to Walk

Muslim Hands

Assalamu alaikum,

My name is Tabbasum. I am 29 years old and live in Purani Hattian in Mirpur, Kashmir. A couple of years ago I was involved in an accident and ended up wounding my leg. Unfortunately, the wound got infected and my leg had to be amputated.

For eight years, I struggled on crutches. My family are not well off and could not afford to get treatment so my mother asked Muslim Hands for support. The Muslim Hands team first made an assessment led by Dr. Tariq Mahmood, a certified orthotist from the Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation (Rawalpindi) - one of the country’s pioneering institutes in delivering prosthesis care to service men and private patients.

After my first assessment, the team asked Dr. Mahmood to visit me last October and undertake a thorough exam and plan for the prosthetic limb transplant. After the consultation, the MH team and I looked thought about everything carefully and my case was labelled as priority. I was then given a prosthetic limb the following month.

The care and support that Dr. Mahmood and the MH team provided me have been of great support to me - both physically and emotionally. Thank you for providing me with the care and support I needed.

Thank you for your support.

Ramadan Kareem from everyone at Muslim Hands!


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