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20 June 2017

Night of Power Bangladesh Appeal - Channel S Tonight 6pm

Muslim Hands

Join us LIVE on Channel S (Sky channel 814) TONIGHT from 6.00pm onwards for our live Night of Power Bangladesh Appeal

Discover how you can transform lives in Bangladesh by providing clean, safe water to local communities and earning the continuous reward of Sadaqah Jariyah for you or a loved one by giving a family a sustainable income, a child an education or a community a clean, safe source of water or a place to pray.


£50 - Emergency Food Parcel

£190 - Tube Well

£300 - Rickshaw Livelihood Project

£1,000 - Build a Classroom (One Share)

£2,700 – Build a Rural Masjid

So, make the most of this blessed night and help save lives. As Allah (swt) tells us in the Holy Qur’an:

‘…whoever kills a soul… it is as if he had slain all of mankind, and whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved all of mankind.’ (5:32)

On this blessed night, you can help save humanity. Tune in and help save lives.

This Ramadan: Save a Life, Save Humanity.

Muslim Hands UK

Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an aid agency and NGO helping those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in over 20 countries worldwide.