Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief

Providing a lifeline in times of crisis

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Key Facts

Our work in emergency situations

Muslim Hands has been responding to emergencies for over 20 years

We have field offices in 30 countries

In emergencies we provide food, water, medicine and shelter

The Challenge of Emergencies for the Developing World

Missing that crucial window of opportunity straight after a disaster strikes is simply not an option. For survivors it can be the difference between life and death

In the developing world, existing poverty has a serious impact on the ability of communities to recover from conflicts and natural disasters. Where infrastructure is weak, dealing with the challenges of a large-scale crisis can be near impossible and many emergencies leave those who have very little with absolutely nothing.

Muslim Hands was first established when the crisis in Bosnia arose in 1993, prompting a community in Nottingham to send aid to those suffering in the conflict. Since then, we have responded to countless more emergencies and developed a specialised network of staff and volunteers around the globe to ensure a fast response.

The Aid that we Deliver

When an emergency arises, we work hard to provide essential relief immediately:

Essential food items

Clean drinking water

Medical aid

Emergency tents and shelters

Blankets and clothing

Hygiene products and household essentials

Providing Long-Term Relief

However, we provide much more than just temporary relief. Our emergency response includes the establishment of long-term projects to support people in rebuilding their lives. 

Whether it’s through helping people to recover their livelihoods, constructing wells or establishing schools and medical centres, we work towards creating a better future.

What You Can Do


Help rebuild lives today

Muslim Hands UK

Now in our 25th year of relieving poverty and suffering worldwide and those affected by natural disasters, conflict and poverty.