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What is Fidyah?

When a person has either become extremely weak due to old age, or they are suffering from an illness which prevents them from fasting, they are not obliged to fast during Ramadan. Instead, if they have the means, they must feed a person in need two meals for every day of Ramadan. This payment is called Fidyah.

You can only give Fidyah if you will miss fasts due to illness and are unable to make them up later. So if you are suffering from a temporary sickness during Ramadan, you need to make these fasts up later.

At Muslim Hands, we recommend you give £7 a day as Fidyah, as this will cover the cost of two high quality meals, to the standard we would feed ourselves. This adds up to £210 for the month of Ramadan

What is Kaffarah?

If you break or miss a fast in Ramadan intentionally and without a valid reason, you must fast consecutively for 60 days. (This excludes days when it is forbidden to fast, such as Eid and when a woman is menstruating). If you miss a fast during these 60 days, you will need to start from the beginning, to ensure your 60 fasts are consecutive.

If you are physically unable to do this, you are required to pay the Kaffarah (expiation).

The donation will feed 60 needy people two meals. At Muslim Hands, we recommend paying £3.50 per meal, as we should feed them to the standard we would feed ourselves. This adds up to £420 per missed fast.

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