Your charity gives hope

  • Location: Chiradzulu district
  • Beneficiaries: Around 500-1000 people will benefit daily.
  • Depth: The borehole will be dug to a depth of 45 metres or more.
  • Cost: £3,800
  • Current situation: On average, families are walking 1.5 hours daily for clean water. In some cases, small girls are walking even longer. This responsibility also effects their opportunities to attend school.
  • Project impact: Clean water will reduce water-related illnesses in the community, in sha Allah. Young children will also be able to attend school instead of collecting water or staying home sick.
  • Further details: A hand pump will be attached to draw out the water. Chemical and bacteriological water testing will be carried out to ensure that water is fit for drinking.
  • Security: The pumps will have dual locking: the first one will lock the handles so they can't be stolen, and a second locking device will prevent the pump from being stolen. 
  • Maintenance: The drilling company will train the communities to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project, as well as provide hygiene awareness training to improve local health.