Your charity gives hope

The Muslim Hands Waqf Fund gives you the opportunity to revive a great Muslim charitable tradition.

Your donation will be used to make a halal investment, the returns of which will fund aid projects supporting the poorest, most disadvantaged communities in the world.

As only the returns of a waqf donation are spent, and never the initial amount, it is a prime form of sadaqa jariya (continuous charity) and will continue giving year on year.

By investing specifically in our education projects, you are ensuring continued support for our purpose-built schools and the many varied educational programmes we provide for communities that would otherwise have little opportunity to re-shape their futures through learning. 



What Happens Next

  1. 1 You will receive a personalised certificate confirming your waqf share.
  2. 2 We make a halal investment on your behalf.
  3. 3 We use the returns of this investment to provide support and relief to those most in need.