Your charity gives hope

‘Whoever saves one [life] - it is as if he had saved the entirety of Mankind.’ [The Noble Qur’an, 5:32] 

In Yemen, children face a severe malnutrition crisis exacerbated by ongoing conflict and economic instability. With limited access to food, clean water, and healthcare, malnutrition rates among children are alarmingly high. Nearly 2.3 million children under the age of five suffer from acute malnutrition, with over 400,000 at risk of severe acute malnutrition, the deadliest form of hunger. Malnutrition not only stunts physical growth but also hinders cognitive development, perpetuating a cycle of poverty and vulnerability. Urgent humanitarian intervention is crucial to address this crisis and safeguard the future of Yemen's children.

Here's how you can help: 

  • £100 wil treat malnutrition in 25 children in Yaman.
  • £500 will treat malnutrition in 125 children in Yemen.

Described by the UN as ‘The worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time’, the war in Yemen has turned a poor country into a humanitarian catastrophe. 

Urgent humanitarian intervention is vital to address this dire situation and safeguard the future of Yemen's children.

Join us in supporting relief efforts today to provide life-saving aid and hope to those in need. Every contribution counts.