Your charity gives hope

Muslim Hands is currently running over 60 rural schools in Punjab and Sindh (with government co-ordination), and Balochistan (fully run by us). These schools are often in slums or far-flung areas where education is hard to come by. Alhamdulillah, we have been able to run these schools to a high standard and provide education for prospective, young children, who would have otherwise been neglected. Most of these schools are primary schools and have many children enrolled, either as segregated girls’ schools or both for boys and girls.

By donating towards a classroom, we will enlarge one of these rural schools with a classroom extension and allow these beautiful children to learn in a more comfortable and spacious environment, or even build a standalone classroom, depending on the need of the location.

Each classroom is £2,500. You can donate any amount you can afford and together, in sha Allah, we will raise enough to build these classrooms to accommodate all of the children. There are currently 50 rural areas that desperately require classrooms, in dire need for your contributions.

The school we are aiming to support this Ramadan is the Community Model High School - Ali Akbar Rind in Sindh.

Please give generously today.