Your charity gives hope

  • This is a much-needed programme since a large number of children in the rural areas have little or no access to education.
  • Many are either not attending school or are irregularly attending a distant school by walking or travelling on a donkey or another animal.
  • Many children are currently attending makeshift ‘schools’ which are made out of local materials and are unsuitable and unsafe.
  • The classrooms will be fully equipped with essential learning materials like desks, chairs, blackboards, and essential learning aids.
  • The Ministry of Education will provide qualified teachers and ensure ongoing operational costs are covered. What we desperately need is the building itself.
  • These schools will consist of 2 classrooms. Each classroom will have ample space for 30-35 students and will measure approximately 49 meters square.
  • The school will cater to children in the age range of 7-13 years old, covering primary education grades 1-6.
  • We estimate the school will serve approximately 60-70 children from surrounding villages.
  • The schools will follow the national curriculum.
  • This educational project will be life changing for these children.
  • Niger is an enormous country and the rural areas are vast so we need many of these schools. Needs assessments have already been made so many of the areas have already been identified. But we cannot do this without our generous donors!
  • The cost of the school is £10,000.

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