Your charity gives hope

  • Muslim Hands is currently running over 60 rural schools in Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh.
  • These schools are often in impoverished or rural areas where education is hard to come by.
  • We have been able to run these schools to a high standard and provide education to these young children who would have otherwise been neglected.
  • Majority of our schools are at the primary school level.
  • Due to heavy demand, the schools are crowded with the biggest issue being a lack of classrooms.
  • By donating for a small classroom, we will extend the space available and allow 20 children to learn in a more comfortable and suitable environment.
  • The classroom can be donated on behalf of you and/or your loved ones and we will place a plaque on the wall dedicated to you.
  • We currently have a waiting list of over 50 rural schools who desperately require a classroom.
  • Cost per classroom: £2,500

For more information, please contact