You donate, we deliver

‘The worst man-made humanitarian crisis of our time’ - UN. 

The war in Yemen has turned a poor country into a humanitarian catastrophe. Currently 22 million Yemeni families lack access to food, health care and safe water and can only rely on food aid alone. This number is only set to rise. 

We are setting up two new bread factories in Yemen, one in the north in the city of Ma’rib and the other in the south in Aden.

You can give a one-off donation to this essential project, or you can set up a monthly payment to feed hungry families regularly in Yemen.

£50 – produces 1,400 loaves of bread (feeds 700 people)
£100 – produces 2,800 loaves of bread (feeds 1,400 people)
£250 – produces 7,000 loaves of bread (feeds 3,500 people)
£500 – produces 14,000 loaves of bread (feeds 7,000 people)
£1,000 – produces 28,000 loaves of bread (feeds 14,000 people)