Your charity gives hope

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘O Allah bless us in our Shaam! O Allah bless us in our Yemen!’ [Tirmidhi]

Our teams are currently running four bread factories in the blessed lands: in north Aden, south Aden and Ma’rib in Yemen, and in Sarmada in the Idlib Governorate of Syria.

We are also launching two more factories in Yemen (in Ta’iz and Seiyun). With your support, we are aiming to provide 50,000 loaves of bread across Yemen to tackle famine and malnutrition.

By giving monthly, your donations will provide thousands of people with daily fresh bread, alleviate hunger and give stability to displaced and vulnerable families. Set up your regular donation today to help us reach even more people in the blessed lands with life-saving bread.

Your £100 donation will feeds 1,400 people (produces 2,800 loaves of bread).