Your charity gives hope

Give £10 to to the Blessed Bakeries to feed 140 people in Yemen and Syria - and receive our stunning Stories of Hope Gift Pack!

This includes four beautifully illustrated posters about:

  • Sulaiman (as) and the rebuilding of Blessed Masjid Al-Aqsa
  • Hajar (as) and the miraculous Zamzam well
  • Halimah (ra) and the blessed orphan (saw) she fostered
  • The Prophet (saw) and his journey to the Ansar in Madinah

Each of these stories contains a special lesson of hope. This is the perfect Ramadan or Eid gift to inspire your children, while bringing hope to the blessed people of Yemen and Syria.

Note: We are running four bread factories (in Idlib, Ma'rib, north Aden and south Aden), providing daily bread to widows, orphans and disabled people. Every £10 donation produces 280 loaves of bread, feeding 140 people.