You donate, we deliver

  • Location: Sri Lanka, in a resettlement area
  • Beneficiaries: Around 30 families
  • Cost: £4,000 (picture to the left is an example)
  • After years of violence against the Muslim population by extremist nationalist groups, these Muslims have settled in a new location yet still lack many basics. They are extremely needy people.
  • Due to drought and water-related issues, many in the population suffer from waterborne diseases and other health issues, such as chronic kidney diseases due to contaminated water.
  • Currently the other water sources are far away, and women and children often travel to collect water. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of violence and abuse towards them.
  • These Muslims are very much neglected and their story is not very well known amongst the Ummah.
  • The well will be run via a solar panel system and will be connected to a 1,000 litre tank.
  • The well will be used for drinking as well as agricultural purposes.