Your charity gives hope

The latest assault on Gaza has caused the worst devastation since 2014. So far, 230 people have been killed including 63 children, 1,900 people have been wounded and nearly 60,000 people have been left homeless.

Families in Gaza already struggling because of the 14-year long blockade have been further devastated by the latest attack. Poverty rates in Gaza have increased alarmingly, from 40% in 2005 to 56% in 2020 and over two-thirds of Gazans are food insecure.

Your donations are providing:

· Emergency food parcels

· Emergency medical care

· Repairs to homes damaged in the bombing

· Cash grants for the most vulnerable families

By donating towards our Gaza Emergency appeal, you will be supporting Palestinian families in their hour of need and helping them to rebuild their lives.

Give now to alleviate suffering in Gaza.

What Happens Next

  1. 1 Our teams on the ground use local knowledge to find people most in need
  2. 2 Funds are used to provide relief with projects designed in a variety of ways, including food and water, medical care and essential items
  3. 3 Projects are constantly monitored and assessed to ensure we optimise our relief work