Your charity gives hope

Since Saturday October 7, attacks against Gaza have killed more than 24,700 Palestinians and injured over 62,100. Hospitals are under immense pressure to aid all those that have been injured but as airstrikes continue, this number is expected to rapidly increase. 

Blockades have been placed on the Gaza strip preventing over 2.2 million Palestinians from receiving fuel, with limited access to food and medicines. Survivors of the attacks urgently need emergency aid to survive.

The arrival of winter has already caused temperatures to drop, an increase in rain and strong winds. Our partner on the ground, UNRWA’s shelters are already exceeding their capacities, and those who can’t find a space are forced to sleep on the streets. You can provide them with a winterized tent to protect them from the cold. Each tent can cost around £500 and will shield them from the elements.

Families in Gaza already struggling because of the 16-year long blockade have been further devastated by the latest attacks. Poverty rates in Gaza have increased alarmingly, from 40% in 2005 to 56% in 2020 and over two thirds of Gazans are food insecure.

By donating towards our Gaza Fund, you will be supporting Palestinian families in their hour of need and helping them to rebuild their lives.

Give now to alleviate suffering in Gaza.