Your charity gives hope

Already impoverished families are struggling to make ends meet as they deal with the devastating economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, often relying on Zakat and Sadaqah to eat. This year, your Qurbani is more vital than ever in bringing hope to those who are suffering.

'The Prophet (saw) sacrificed for the one who could not sacrifice from his Ummah, one who bore witness to the Oneness of Allah and [his] Prophethood'. [Tabarani and Ahmad]

During the days of Eid al-Adha, the Prophet (saw) would offer both his obligatory sacrifice and an extra Qurbani on behalf of people who couldn't afford a sacrifice. This merciful deed would allow more people from his Ummah to share in the blessings of Eid al-Adha and enjoy a rare meal with meat.

Give a second, Prophetic Qurbani this Eid to revive this Sunnah, double your reward and feed more families! Order your Qurbani now to sacrifice for the suffering.


What Happens Next

  1. 1 We source the healthiest animals from local farmers ensuring that we are sustaining livelihoods and giving back to the areas we work in.
  2. 2 Your animal is sacrificed after Eid Salah without being stunned. We do not use canned meat.
  3. 3 Fresh meat is distributed to hungry families in the country of your choice, ensuring they can enjoy the Eid celebrations.