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‘The Prophet (saw) sacrificed for the one who could not sacrifice from his Ummah, one who bore witness to the Oneness of Allah and [his] Prophethood’.

[Tabarani and Ahmad]

Across the days of Eid al-Adha, the Prophet (saw) not only fulfilled his personal obligation, but offered a second sacrifice in the name of those who could not afford to give. Revive his Sunnah by giving a Prophetic Qurbani and double your reward.

If you can't decide on a location, let our experts on the ground identify where your sacrifice is most needed.

Don't forget, you must give your Qurbani before Eid salah.

What Happens Next

  1. 1 We source the healthiest animals from local farmers ensuring that we are sustaining livelihoods and giving back to the areas we work in.
  2. 2 Your animal is sacrificed after Eid Salah without being stunned. We do not use canned meat.
  3. 3 Fresh meat is distributed to hungry families in the country of your choice, ensuring they can enjoy the Eid celebrations.