Your charity gives hope

  • This project aims to build suitable houses for needy families in rural areas of Sri Lanka.
  • There are hundreds of families living in broken and damaged structures which are completely unsuitable for any human being.
  • In some cases, entire families including several children are living in these houses.
  • Many of these current structures do not provide adequate safety from the rain, cold or intruders.
  • The houses will be built for Muslim families in resettlement areas of Sri Lanka. These are extremely needy people who have suffered for years.
  • The long civil war in Sri Lanka resulted in many Muslim communities and other communities being displaced from their homes. After years of violence, those affected were finally able to return. However, they have since been neglected and thus continue to live in poverty.
  • The new houses will be built of bricks and will be approximately 390 sq. ft in size.
  • The house will consist of one room, one kitchen, a hall and one toilet.
  • Each house costs £2,350