Your charity gives hope

When you provide a family with a cow, you provide a source of continuous wealth and benefit. Milk is an excellent source of nutrition for children, and the surplus milk can be sold so the family can buy food and clothing.

Cows are also low-maintenance, because their unique digestive system allows them to graze on land which is unsuitable for growing crops.  

Gifts with a difference: For each of our Great Charity Gifts we will send you a certificate, personalised with the name you specify, and a decorative greeting card. So, as well as putting a smile on the face of your loved one, you can be happy in the knowledge that your gift will keep on giving to those most in need.

What Happens Next

  1. 1 You will receive via post a personalised certificate and decorative card.
  2. 2 A blank greeting card is sent to you to write your own message in.
  3. 3 Share the good news that the gift is bringing a smile to someone in need around the world.