You donate, we deliver

On the authority of Sa‘d ibn ‘Ubadah (ra) who said, ‘I asked, “O Messenger of Allah! Which charity is best?” He [saw] replied, “Providing water”’. (Ibn Majah)

There are a multitude of different ways that Muslim Hands addresses the safe water needs of communities. Some water projects serve individual families, others are aimed at assisting whole towns and villages.

Your donation to the Safe Water Fund ensures that Muslim Hands can continue to take on projects that address the various water needs of communities around the world. Whether its constructing wells or supporting sanitation and hygiene projects, your donation will enable both small and large communities to reap all the benefits that come with having access to a clean water supply:

  • Families enjoy better health as they are less likely to get sick from contaminated water.

  • Children that are healthier spend more time in school.

  • Adults are less likely to lose income when they are sick or are looking after sick children.