Your charity gives hope

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, “Whoever provides a meal for a person who is keeping the fast in it (Ramadan), this will result in forgiveness for his sins, and freedom from the Fire. The benefactor will also be granted a reward equivalent to that earned by the recipient of his generosity, but without anything at all being deducted from the reward due to the latter.” [Ibn Khuzaimah]

Donate today to provide hot cooked Iftar meals to displaced families in Gaza:

£313 – provides 939 cooked Iftar meals

Everyone in Gaza is hungry, roughly 2.2 million people, are at crisis levels or worse. There is a risk of famine if intense hostilities and restricted humanitarian access persist or worsen. We are partnering with the World Food Programme (WFP) to help provide hot and nutritious Iftar meals this Ramadan throughout Gaza to households with especially vulnerable members and those living in especially dire and challenging situations.

These hot Iftar meals will be provided to displaced people in informal shelters and camps, people with disabilities, women, and children in the most congested areas where there are limited cooking facilities. Special emphasis will be placed on scaling up meal distributions in the northern parts of the Gaza Strip, where access has been especially challenging.

Each meal contains a minimum of 1,500 calories.  These Iftar meals will include a variety of food including rice, pasta, pulses and local vegetables and livestock wherever possible. 

Please continue to help ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Gaza and help provide 1 million hot cooked Iftar meals this Ramadan.