Your charity gives hope

Bread is a staple food we take for granted, but for war-torn Syrians, it can be a life saver, especially after the deadly earthquake which devastated northern Syria and southern Turkiye in February 2023. 

Alhamdulillah, our factory in Afrin (the second worst hit area in the country) is still operational and is producing over 50,000 loaves a day, feeding 25,000 people daily, including earthquake survivors. 

One-Off Donation

£100 – feeds 500 people (produces 1,000 loaves of bread)
£250 – feeds 1,250 people (produces 2,500 loaves of bread)
£500 – feeds 2,500 people (produces 5,000 loaves of bread)
£1,000 – feeds 5,000 people (produces 10,000 loaves of bread)

Give Monthly

£5 a month – feeds 25 people (produces 50 loaves of bread)
£10 a month - feeds 50 people (produces 100 loaves of bread)
£20 a month – feeds 100 people (produces 200 loaves of bread)
£30 a month – feeds 150 people (produces 300 loaves of bread)

A small donation can help hundreds of people. Give now.

As all running costs are covered by Muslim Hands, by donating you are helping to alleviate hunger as well as providing a sense of stability and normality to a community devastated by years of conflict.