Emergency Response

Responding to emergencies is central to Muslim Hands

It was the crisis in Bosnia in 1993 that prompted a community in Nottingham to send aid to those suffering in the conflict, marking the formation of Muslim Hands.

Since then we have responded to countless more emergencies and developed a specialised network of staff and volunteers around the globe for a fast response.

Support our emergency appeals below. 


  • CAR Crisis Appeal

    With the ongoing violence escalating to alarming levels, over a million people have become displaced.

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  • Thar Famine Appeal

    Almost a million people are on the brink of famine as a result of no rainfall in Thar, Pakistan.

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  • Philippines Typhoon

    Millions of lives have been left devastated in the wake of the super typhoon that struck the Philippines.

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  • Pakistan Earthquake

    A devastating earthquake in Southwest Pakistan has left more than 300,000 people in desperate need of aid.

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  • Syria Crisis

    Escalating violence and civil unrest in Syria has forced over 20,000 to flee their homes to the Turkey-Syria border.

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  • Myanmar Appeal

    The humanitarian situation in Myanmar continues to deepen as ethnic violence forces Rohingya Muslims to flee their homes.

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  • Gaza Crisis

    As the military assault on Gaza escalates the humanitarian crisis for the impoverished Gazans worsens.

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