'Good health is a crown that only the sick can see'.

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Our Multifaceted Approach to Health Care

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘The believers are like one body in their mutual love and affection: if one limb is injured, the rest responds with sleeplessness and fever.’ [Bukhari]

Healthcare is a fundamental human right - yet millions of people around the world lack access to even the most basic treatments. For over 25 years, we have been committed to equalising access to health services to build a fairer future for all.

With your support, we operate a myriad of health projects in vulnerable communities across the world that are saving lives every day. Your donations help build health units, operate ambulance services, provide life-changing surgeries, and provide emergency medical aid in times of crisis.

In Afghanistan, where the numbers of birth and pregnancy-related deaths are high, we run a specialised maternal health clinic and train community workers. In conflict zones like Yemen and Syria, we operate clinics and mobile medical units to provide lifesaving treatment and in Pakistan and India, we provide primary healthcare services to isolated rural communities.

Alhamdulillah, we have helped millions of people suffering around the globe and with your continued support, we can further our work to provide vital medical care to those in need.

Key Facts

Health in the developing world

Only 1/2 of women in developing regions receive the right care

1 in 7 people have no access to health services

2.2 million children die each year because they are not immunised

Some of Our Health Projects

Our Motherkind Clinics

We run several Motherkind clinics in Afghanistan and Somalia, both of which have some of the worst infant and mortality rates in the world. These clinics offer the highest standard of ante-natal and post-natal care, including providing medical check-ups, prescribing medicine and supplements and running vaccination and nutrition programmes.

Your support allows us to keep the clinic fully-resourced, train our staff regularly and run lab examinations, and it has made a world of difference. In Afghanistan alone, we have vaccinated over 70,000 infants and children so far, and up to 700 people benefit from our lab examinations every month.

We also have a community outreach programme, which is essential in traditional communities where women avoid leaving their home for medical check-ups and prefer home deliveries. Our community health workers provide regular home visits and refer women to the hospital for difficult childbirths.

This not only prevents needless illnesses and deaths, it also builds trust in the community and raises awareness. Your support is ultimately a lifeline for vulnerable women and children.


Our Health Clinics

Many illnesses can be solved with a simple treatment which should be easy to access, but impoverished families simply can't afford the basic healthcare they need.

Our health clinics offer free medical check-ups and prescribe medicines, referring the more serious matters to a hospital. Every health clinic has an incredible impact on the local community, and is often the only place they can turn to when they are sick. 

This not only improves health in disadvantaged communities, it also helps people break the cycle of poverty, as untreated illnesses can cause long-term health problems which ultimately impact people's livelihoods. 

To donate a health clinic, get in touch at

The Gift of Sight

Cataract removals are simple yet life-changing procedures which restore sight and can remove blindness almost instantly. And yet, many people around the world are living with blindness simply because they cannot afford the medical expense of treatment.

We run regular eye camps in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mali and elsewhere, providing free cataract removal operations from easily accessible locations. Every operation instantly transforms a life.

How you can help:

  • £150 provides a free operation to one person
  • £3,100 provides an entire eye camp, giving many impoverished people the chance to get an eye check-up and receive an operation if necessary. You can choose your location here.
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