The Blessed Lands

The Blessed

Supporting the people of Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen

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The People the Prophet (saw) Prayed For

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, 'O Allah, bless us in our Shaam! O Allah, bless us in our Yemen!' [Tirmidhi]

The people of Shaam (Greater Syria) and Yemen were particularly dear to the Prophet Muhammad's (saw) heart, and he used to pray for these blessed lands. Yet today, these lands are suffering due to conflict, displacement and impoverishment.

It is our responsibility and our honour to support 'our Shaam' and 'our Yemen'. From making du'a to raising awareness to giving charity, there is so much you can do to help. Not only will you be providing vital relief and saving lives, you will also be drawing closer to the Prophet (saw) by loving and serving the people whom he loved.

Our teams are on the ground, distributing food in Jerusalem, repairing homes in Beirut, rehabilitating water wells in Yemen, running bread factories in Syria and Yemen, and much more. As well as this emergency relief, we are also renovating the historic Bab ar-Rahmah cemetery of Masjid Al-Aqsa, thus honouring both the places and the people blessed by Allah.

Your Zakat and Sadaqah are essential to supporting orphans, widows and war-torn communities. We urge you to give generously to the people the Prophet (saw) prayed for. Don't forget them in their hour of need.

Our Work in the Blessed Lands

The Blessed Bakeries

'The best of you are those who feed others'. [Ahmad]

Our teams are running two bread factories in the blessed lands: in Aden in Yemen, and in Sarmada in the Idlib Governorate of Syria. Your donations are providing thousands of people with bread every day, alleviating hunger and providing a sense of stability to displaced and vulnerable families.

We will be soon be launching two more bread factories in Ma'rib (Yemen) and in Lebanon for survivors of the Beirut explosions. Help us provide life-saving bread in the blessed lands:

  • £50: Provide 700 people with bread in Syria and Yemen.
  • £250: Provide 3,500 people with bread in Syria and Yemen.
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Yemen: People of the Prophet (saw)

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, 'The best of men are the men of Yemen, belief is Yemeni and I am Yemeni'. [Ahmad]

Alhamdulillah, you've been incredibly supportive of the war-torn families of Yemen. Your donations are providing emergency food parcels, school meals and medical care, as well as running two bread factories and rehabilitating several deep water wells.

Here's how you can support the people of the Prophet (saw) in their hour of need:

  • £100 feeds a family for one month.
  • £150 feeds a school child for an academic year.
  • £350 can run the Al-Koud Health Centre in Abyan for a day.
  • £500 provides a share in a deep water well.
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Support Allah's Best Servants

'It (Shaam) is the chosen land of Allah in all of His earth, to which He selects His best servants'. [Abu Dawud]

Nearly a decade of conflict has taken its toll on the families of Syria, with millions of people displaced and dependent on humanitarian assistance. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, their burdens have only increased, and they need your support more than ever.

Your Zakat and Sadaqah are making a huge difference to suffering families, providing food, medical care and essential items in northern Syria.

  • £65 feeds a Syrian family for a month.
  • £150 can provide a Syrian mother and child with essential survival items.
  • £500 can help us run an intensive care unit for children in Syria.

Serving Sacred Al-Quds

'Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al-Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing’. [The Noble Qur’an, 17:1]

Allah (swt) has blessed the surroundings of Masjid Al-Aqsa in the Qur’an. Yet today, 80% of Palestinians in East Jerusalem are suffering from poverty, unable to afford essentials like food and medicine. With the cessation of travel to the region due to coronavirus, many struggling families won’t receive the Zakat and Sadaqah they rely upon each year. 


We are honoured to give you the opportunity to serve both the people of Al-Quds and its Sacred Masjid.

We are renovating the historic Bab ar-Rahmah cemetery, including repairing graves, repaving pathways, maintenance and more. Located at the eastern wall, it includes the graves of Shaddad ibn Aws (ra) and Ubadah ibn Samit (ra), among 70 other Companions, leaders, martyrs and scholars. 

  • £80 feeds a family in East Jerusalem for a month.
  • £100 renovates 5 square metres of the Bab ar-Rahmah cemetery.
  • £500 renovates 25 square metres of the Bab ar-Rahmah cemetery.

Relieve Burdens in Lebanon

The Prophet (saw) looked towards Iraq, Shaam and Yemen and said, 'O Allah, bring their hearts over to Your obedience and relieve them of their burdens'. [Tabarani]

On 4th August, a massive explosion in Beirut port destroyed surrounding buildings, including damaging 70,000 homes, 25 health facilities and 3 hospitals. 

Your donations will help families recover and rebuild their lives:

  • £100 can provide medical care for four patients via our mobile clinics.
  • £500 can go towards repairing homes near the Beirut port blast site.

Draw Closer to the Prophet (saw)

Hilye in English

The Hilye is a traditional Turkish art form which beautifully depicts the physical description of the Prophet (saw), as told by Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra). 

For the benefit of all, we have translated the hadith, but kept the traditional layout of the Hilye. Please feel free to download, print and display at home or at the office. 


30 Days of Rabi al-Awwal

In addition to the Hilye, we have compiled 15 ayaat and 15 accompanying ahadith about the description of the Prophet (saw).

This booklet is designed to be shared and read with your families and friends across the blessed month of Rabi al-Awwal.

Muslim Hands UK

Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an aid agency and NGO helping those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in over 20 countries worldwide.