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17 March 2023

We’re Providing Displaced Syrians With New Winter Tents

Muslim Hands

As the Syrian war enters its 13th year, our brothers and sisters continue to face severe hardships. Bombardment, harsh winters and more recently, a massive natural disaster have all taken their toll on them. The massive earthquakes that struck Türkiye and Syria in February are still fresh on the minds of survivors.

Over the years, Muslim Hands have continued to serve the Syrian people, providing them with food, water, shelter and so much more. As people become homeless in the aftermath of the region’s worst natural disaster in modern history, we have directed our efforts to sheltering them as best we can.

In this video, Yasrab Shah (Director of Fundraising) explains how large winterised tents can help Syrian earthquake survivors in their time of need.


We are providing these tents to homeless families in Jindires, Northern Syria. Each shelter can accommodate up to six people and includes toilet facilities and water storage, giving them much needed privacy.

These family tents will be part of a larger 6,000 square meter tent city that will include medical facilities and mobile kitchens. In sha Allah, they will act as a shield for these families until alternative accommodation is found for them.

Each tent costs £800 to provide. Donate your Sadaqah and Zakat now to help house the survivors.

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