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Your donations will support vulnerable Rohingya refugee families in desperate need.

Your monthly donation will help the poor and needy worldwide.

This Ramadan
Give Hope to the Rohingya

Help the Rohingya

Rohingya Shelter Homes

We urgently need your help to provide emergency homes for these families. Your donations will construct sturdy shelters to protect refugees from the elements for the foreseeable future.

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Medical Camp

You can provide access to free consultations and medicine to Rohingya refugees. £350 can run a Medical Clinic for one day.

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Children's Centre

Provide education, playtime facilities, counselling and nutritious food for Rohingya children. £150 can run a Children’s Centre for one day, helping refugee children recover from their past and build a better future.

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Rohingya Fire Causes Mass Destruction

A huge fire has ripped through the Rohigya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar. Over 45,000 people have been displaced, close to 600 are injured and over 420 people are missing.

Our own teams narrowly escaped the destruction and have been treating burns victims in our two medical camps since last night. We are also providing cooked food to families whose shelters were destroyed. Although this is not the first fire to have broken out in the camps, eyewitnesses say it is the worst they have ever seen.

Refugee families already traumatised by the violence and persecution they fled from in Myanmar are now having to face this new tragedy. They have had to watch their homes and what little possessions they had go up in flames and now they are left with nothing.

We have been working in the camps since 2017. Now we need your help to provide emergency medical care and food relief to victims of the fire. Donate now!

Our Work with the Rohingya Refugees

Since September 2017, Muslim Hands has:

Delivered over £1.3 million worth of aid in the refugee camps

Set up five medical camps treating up to 500 people daily

Built our largest ever well - supplying clean water to 5,000 people every day

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