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07 September 2015

Muslim Hands Qurbani Service

Muslim Hands

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By the grace of Allah we are once again honoured to soon be welcoming the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah. This Eid we aim to feed a million hungry people, but this can only be achieved through your sacrifice.

Here’s how giving your Qurbani through Muslim Hands will benefit those most in need:

1. Tackling Hunger - Our Qurbani programme target those most at risk from hunger and malnutrition.

2. Locations To Suit Every Budget - We have a range of Qurbani locations to suit every budget, starting from £35.

3. Stun Free Sacrifice - We do not stun our animals.

4. Sacrificed after Eid Salah - The sacrifices we carry out take place after Eid Salah.

5. Meat Distributed On Eid - Meat is distributed during the days of Eid, allowing disadvantaged communities to enjoy this special time.

6. Non-frozen, Non-tinned Meat - The recipients of your Qurbani only receive fresh meat.

7. Supporting Local Farmers & their Families - We source everything locally, supporting local farmers and their families.

We are already taking Qurbani orders and with prices from just £35 they will be selling out so get yours in early to avoid disappointment.

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Now in our 25th year of relieving poverty and suffering worldwide and those affected by natural disasters, conflict and poverty.