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18 December 2015

Winter Appeal 2016

Muslim Hands

Delivering winter relief to vulnerable communities for over 20 years

Thanks to double glazing and central heating, most of us spend winter in heated buildings and vehicles where the temperature is set at a comfortable 23 degrees.

It’s easy then, for us to forget the biting winds, ice cold nights and the heavy snowfall that finds its way into the makeshift tents and sub-standard homes of so many poor and displaced families around the world.

Millions lack heating, blankets and even food to keep them warm. Many will die from the cold.

By supporting our winter appeal you can make a real difference. We provide families in need with simple yet effective lifesaving items such as blankets, food and fuel to see them through the long winter months.

Don’t let families face the winter alone. Keep them warm, keep them alive.

Muslim Hands UK

Established in 1993, Muslim Hands is an aid agency and NGO helping those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster in over 20 countries worldwide.