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21 March 2016

Help Rahaf Walk Again

Muslim Hands

**Update** We have hit our target within 48 hours! Thank you to everyone who donated. Rahaf can now get the operation she so badly needs. 

12 year old Rahaf’s leg was injured in a bomb blast in her home town of Homms.

She’s been living in a tent in a refugee camp in Lebanon with her family for the last three years. She can’t play with the other children in the camp because her leg hurts too much when she stands for more than a few minutes.

Her family are living off food vouchers so the operation she so desperately needs is an expense they simply can't afford.

Help us raise the £2,500 needed for Rahaf's operation and aftercare so she can walk, run and play with her brothers and sister and her parents can sleep knowing that their daughter is no longer in constant pain



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