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12 January 2017

Reaching the Most Vulnerable

Muslim Hands
Reaching the Most Vulnerable

Every winter, your donations allow us to reach thousands of vulnerable families with life-saving aid. Conflict, disasters and poverty mean that these families are ill equipped to protect themselves from the sub-zero temperatures they face. For many, the relief you provide will be the only thing standing in the way of them and illness, or even death at the hands of the cold season.

Here’s an insight into how your contribution makes a difference:

Some of the Locations We Serve

The locations we distribute to can see some of the harshest winters in the world, with temperatures dropping to as low as -20 degrees Celsius. Here are just a few of the places your donations reach…

Syria: Five years on from the start of the conflict in Syria, and the situation is worse than ever. Devastating violence and bombing in cities like Aleppo has led to thousands more families joining 6 million already displaced people in the country. This year, we are distributing to displaced and desperately poor families in besieged areas of Homs and Damascus.
Pakistan: In parts of Pakistan, temperatures will drop to a devastating -15 degrees Celsius. We will be delivering vital aid to families who lost everything when they had to flee violent conflict in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the north of the country.
Iraq: More than a decade on from the outbreak of war and Iraq’s communities are still suffering. Over 10 million people are still in need of humanitarian assistance and over 3 million will face the winter in camps. We have already distributed aid to families fleeing conflict in Mosul, but as people continue to escape we will be giving them winter essentials to help them survive the cold.
Albania: Albania may be in Europe, but conditions are very different to here in the UK. A staggering ¼ of the population live below the poverty line and the poorest communities live in homes we would not even deem habitable. This winter we will be providing families in the mountain town of Kukes where unemployment levels are at 80%, with the essentials they need to keep them warm and healthy in the harsh winter months.

We also distribute to those in dire need in Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon and India.

What we Deliver

Different communities face different challenges during the winter months, so we keep our approach flexible. In Palestine for instance, we give out re-enforced plastic sheeting to stop the heavy rain and snow from getting into homes that have been damaged by bombing. Or in Afghanistan, the safe stoves and fuel we provide means that poor families don’t have to burn rubbish which emits toxic fumes, to keep them warm. The items we deliver every year are:

  • Food parcels
  • Blankets
  • Warm clothes
  • Winter stoves and fuel

Although they seem simple, these essentials can mean the difference between life and death for the most vulnerable families this winter.

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