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26 May 2017

Bringing Ramadan to Muslim Women in Prison

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Thanks to your generous donations towards our Ramadan prison packs for Muslim women, a total of 168 packs have now been sent to five women's prisons across England. A further 250 packs have also been sent to two men's prisons local to Nottingham.

Each pack contains: khajoor (dates for breaking fast every day), tasbih (prayer beads), miswak, headscarf, ataar (non-alcoholic perfume), literature, a Ramadan calendar and Eid cards to send to family and friends. 

Thank you to all our donors for helping these often vulnerable and forgotten members of our community. We would also like to thank Pak Foods for kindly donating 18 boxes of dates and the Council for Mosques Bradford for generously providing 180 books containing dua's and surat from the Holy Qur'an. 

Thanks to your generosity, Muslim prisoners will have access to essential items to help them make the next few weeks a time of spiritual growth and reflection in sha' Allah. Thank you and Ramadan Kareem from everyone at Muslim Hands! 
By Tijen Horoz, Senior Communications Editor

Muslim Hands UK

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