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15 May 2017

Promoting a Message of Peace

Muslim Hands

This Ramadan, feed your soul through our series of inspiring lectures by esteemed Islamic scholar Al-Habib Faisal Al-Kaff from his UK based tour For the Sake of Goodness with Muslim Hands. 

Delivering a series of inspiring lectures to Muslim prisoners during the day, then to the general public in the evening, his talks focused on key issues such as building peace between communities, promoting cohesiveness and nurturing positive family relations, embracing interfaith diversity and disciplining the soul.

Watch our short clip of his visit to Bradford to find out more about this exciting tour. 


Habib Faisal is a student of the sacred Islamic sciences and preacher, heralding from the noble family of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), having acquired sacred Islamic knowledge from a range of scholars, predominantly the spiritual master Al-Habib Umar Bin Hafiz. 

His soulful approach calls on us to spread Islam by looking at the reality and true spirit of Islam, bringing communities together through our chosen Prophet Muhammad (saw) -  by loving him, connecting with him and following him. His focus also teaches about the need to change and adapt community values to reflect the correct way in which Allah (swt) truly calls on us to morally and spiritually purify ourselves.

This Ramadan, we’ll be featuring an exclusive video of each stop of his countrywide tour every Friday. May these videos be a cause of rectification and guidance for the Ummah and may you find them of particularly great benefit during the blessed month in sha Allah.

We would like to thank Habib Faisal al-Kaff for his inspiring work and we invite you to listen to his words of wisdom. Stay tuned and don’t miss out!

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