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22 August 2017

Five Ways to Make the Most of Dhul Hijjah

Muslim Hands

Dhul Hijjah is a month where there are many rewards to be gained, and sins to be forgiven. It is the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar marking the annual Hajj pilgrimage and the commemoration of the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (as). Even if you can't go to Hajj, don't let the benefits of these days pass you by. Here are five ways you can make the most of Dhul Hijjah:

1. Make plenty of dhikr and du'a

Reciting Subhan-Allahi wa bihamdihi (Glory be to Allah and praise Him) one hundred times a day will wipe away sins - no matter how burdensome they are. This can easily be broken down to fit our busy schedules by reciting it ten times before and after the five daily prayers and reaping the rewards.

2. Seek Forgiveness

This is a month in which Allah (swt) frees his slaves from the fire and descends to the lowest sky for the people seeking his forgiveness. Ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness and draw closer to Him.

3. Fast

Fasting the day of Arafah will extinguish the sins of the previous year and the coming year. Outside of Ramadan, this is the best opportunity to have your sins forgiven so make the most of this blessed day.  

4. Give a Prophetic Qurbani

‘The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, “Whoever revives a Sunnah of mine that dies out after I am gone, he will have a reward equivalent to that of those among the people who act upon it, without that detracting from their reward in the slightest”’. (Ibn Majah)

On the day of Eid al-Adha, as well as offering his own sacrifice the Prophet (saw) sacrificed on behalf of those from his ummah who could not. Revive this forgotten Sunnah with the intention of seeking Allah's favour in the month of forgiveness. 

5. Offer kind words and good deeds

The first ten days of this month are the best and most virtuous days of the year. In these days we should increase in our good deeds as the Prophet (saw) said:

‘There are no days during which good deeds are more beloved to Allah than these days.’ (Bukhari)

As well as paying particular attention to studying the Qur’an and performing extra prayers, we should make a special effort to show kindness and good character towards our families, friends and neighbours as well as to those we don't even know. After all, we never know who will intercede on our behalf on the Day of Judgement.

Insha'Allah, may the month of Dhul Hijjah be full of blessings and happiness for you and your loved ones. From everyone at Muslim Hands, we'd like to wish you a blessed month full of good deeds, forgiveness and closeness to Allah (swt). For those of you embarking on the Holy Pilgrimage, we wish you a successful Hajj and to all our donors a blessed Qurbani and Eid al-Adha! 

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