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07 August 2017

Qurbani: Meet Farmers Lucy and Peter

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From the very first moment you donate your Qurbani, you’ll be helping to change people’s lives - like those of Peter and Lucy, a farming couple from Malawi. For them, your Qurbani means a lot more than just a sacrifice. Over the past 10 years, they’ve have been selling their goats to Muslim Hands during Qurbani season which has helped them earn a living.

Peter and Lucy live in a town called Salima in Malawi. Their small home is in poor condition. They have no running water or electricity and their home has cracks on the walls after being hit by lightning.
As their local well has dried up due to the drought, every day, Peter and Lucy walk 5km to draw water from a well in the next town. On the days that they can’t make this journey, their grandchildren take their place, carrying small buckets to fetch whatever they can manage. This is usually half a gallon (just over two litres) of water, to last the family a day.
However, water isn’t the only thing they worry about. As their home was damaged by lightning, Peter and Lucy have been desperately trying to save money to build a new home. Yet in poverty stricken Malawi, every penny counts. With high food prices, and general shortages of food, it takes two days to earn the money for a simple bag of maize to feed their family. Here in the storeroom, the family store what maize they have.
In the kitchen, the family make simple meals of maize flour and vegetables - meat is too expensive.
However, despite all the difficulties of living in the village, Peter and Lucy remain positive and always try and work towards a better future.
Now, alhamdulillah, after over 10 long years, they’ve finally been able to lay the foundations to their new home, using the money they’ve earnt from working in partnership with Muslim Hands.
It’s because of your support that Peter and Lucy have been able to improve their lives. Every time you donate, you’re not only providing meat for the poor and needy, but also a crucial livelihood for farmers. Peter and Lucy are overjoyed with your support: ‘We are very, very thankful to Muslim Hands because we are living from the money off the animals we sell.’ From Peter, Lucy and the grandchildren – thank you!

As we now approach the blessed days of Eid al-Adha, with prices from as little as £35, donate today to start your Qurbani journey and make your sacrifice for the sake of Allah (swt).

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