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25 August 2017

Your Qurbani Helps Khadija Feed Her Children

Muslim Hands

Meet Khadija. She's a widow with eight children living in an impoverished village in Malawi. Over twenty years ago, her husband was suddenly stuck ill with malaria and tragically died. The family went from living a secure, stable life, to one of worry and great hardship as Khadija was left to raise her family and grandchildren with very little income or food.

For 22 years she’s been struggling to raise her family. Life in the village is very tough for her and her young children. Her daughters dropped out of school and her sons started working.

Every morning, the family get up at 4.30am with no breakfast, living on just one meal a day. As Eid approaches, Khadija knows she won’t be able to afford meat for her family. Instead, she heads to the river to collect sand which she’ll then sell for rice.

Alhamdulilah, with your Qurbani, Khadija will receive some meat to help make a special meal for her family this Eid. On this blessed occasion, the whole community gather today early at the masjid for Eid salah, before heading home to enjoy their Eid meal with their families.

To see just how far your donation will go, take a look at Khadija and her family on Eid last year, cooking a delicious goat curry.

Khadija’s strength comes from Allah (swt) and the aid of Muslim Hands, who provide food and financial assistance to families like hers across the village. These communities rely upon your help as they struggle to survive.

This Eid al-Adha, you can help Khadija and many families like hers in desperate need. Make your sacrifice for the sake of Allah (swt) and donate your Qurbani through Muslim Hands.

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