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21 January 2019

Yemen: Your donations in action

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With over 8 million Yemenis on the brink of starvation and 3 million children already malnourished, the food aid you have given will mean the difference between life and death for families dealing with years of poverty and conflict.

Our team have been distributing food parcels in Yemen to families in desperate need.

Check out how you're making a difference to families facing starvation.

Each parcel contains enough essentials including rice, sugar, cooking oil, lentil/red kidney beans, milk, water purification tablets and antibacterial wipes to see families through the worst of the winter season.
In Taiz alone, over 5,000 people are already using the food items you have so generously donated.
While we tackle the immediate need for food, we will also be providing emergency medical care, water wells and a school feeding programme as part of our long-term plan for Yemen's most vulnerable communities.

Our distributions in Yemen will be continuing throughout the year. Please donate now to continue saving lives.

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